I have an observation to make. Should i post all my stuff under Chris? I figure I will with this one to see what happens. Also, I found an advantage that short people have. They don’t have to do the leaning tower of pisa on rainy days. If your tall, like me, ninnish people with umbrellas are annoying. Short people can just keep chugging along. I just thought all you short people would enjoy that.


  1. People can just see whether it was Chris or Tardicus if they wanna know who wrote what. Even though that may confuse some people, you can’t go forward without leaving the backwards behind you.

  2. I disagree, if your going backwards, your back is going forward. So backwards and forwards flips after a while. So going backwards would leave your backwards in front of you. And going forwards could leave your front in back of you. Don’t forget about going squeegie sideways. That could mean a bungalow of things. One side would be the forward and one side would be the backways. This can also be easily changed like forwards and backwards. There is also the option of bottomways or topways. This would mean going with the bottom of your feet in front of you or head first. These would be a different kind of forward and backwards.

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