Why I like the Nintendo Revolution

This is something I wrote a long time ago (December 19th, 2005) and never hit the “publish” button.

Everyone is excited about the newest generation of consoles. Microsoft is going all out with XBox 360, and Playstation 3 will doubtless be amazing. The underdog, in this generation of consoles, will be the Nintendo Revolution. Or will it?

XBox 360 costs $399 (The core system doesnt exist, so dont talk to me about that). Rumor has it that PS3 will cost upwards of $499 (Although I think a price point of $399 will make it much more competitive with XBox). And how much does the Revolution cost? Probably around $150. It’s no secret that Nintendo doesn’t want to compete with Sony or Microsoft. Who can blame them? Nintendo follows no one’s rules but their own. Nintendo is not getting sucked into the console arm’s race for the most spectacular graphics. It’s fairly likely that the Nintendo Revolution will have graphics only marginally better than the original XBox.

I still put my money on Nintendo. In fact, I don’t know for sure whether PS3 will win over 360, or vice versa, but I do know that Nintendo Revolution will do just fine, regardless of what happens to the other consoles.

Nintendo has always been an innovator. This has been the key to their success, and has also been the cause of many laughable failures. They have a philsophy that seems to be willing to try anything. Products such as Virtual Boy, Nintendo DS

I can’t decide if I was psychic, good at picking up industry activity, or if this was obvious. To this day, it’s hard to find a Wii because every console is sold out.

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