My new RPG

 I wrote this a while ago, posted without revision. I think I would change it now, so you’re still a programmer, but you have a sword and stuff.

For fun, I’m creating a role playing game. But in this game, you won’t be a sword fighter. You’ll be a programmer.

Working for a company making a role playing game.

Basically you’ll get to play a number of classes: sales, marketing, product management, engineer. With each, you’ll be able to upgrade the same skills, but some of them will go up quicker than others. (Though it’s true that in Morrowind, this sort of excessive flexibility was criticized for not giving a player a good focus, I’ll make sure that your role is more dictated by your job than your skills).

The first criticism you might have–this is total garbage. Why would you play a game that doesn’t involve killing anyone? I think I can provide an appropriate response in the form of this. Everquest also has crafting, where you put together items to produce a greater whole. We’ll expand on this concept.

The difficulty will be how to make this a challenge like in real life. I think this is a matter of pitting people against each other or together with each other, so we can leverage human AI instead of coding our own, first of all. Then we have to make the RPG a useful creative experience. One thing that we might do is have competing organizations, and a customer base. Basically, you’ll have customers if you have good sales, but you’ll have to work together with good engineers, because engineers can produce useful gadgets. Oh, and you won’t be able to do it all; upgrading some skills will push the others down automatically.

Anyways, the prototype will be based on the following:

  • Sales: You need to be able to sell things well, which may not involve being realistic. It also involves being a good communicator, and finding contacts.
  • Product Management: You need to be able to manage timelines and put things together. This involves being organized, and being able to empathize with two groups. The more you empathize with engineering the faster and better things may get produced, but the more you empathize with the customer the more likely they’ll be to approve of the product.
  • Engineering: Basically, the better you are the better you are. I think Gas will know more about this.
  • Testing

OK, so my new game is gonna be about music.

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