We need to control the climate (and it’s inevitable)

Nowadays, politicians like to argue about climate change, also known as global warming. One of the more controversial proposals being floated around is that we should engineer the climate ourselves–pump sulphur into the atmosphere, bury CO2 under the ground, or launch huge shades to block out the sun.

These proposals are vehemently opposed by some, who would rather we remove the root cause (carbon emissions). But they are completely inevitable in the long run, at least if we want to avoid the next Ice Age. Scientific consensus agrees that humans are causing most of the climate change this time around. But the world experiences significant shifts in temperature over thousands of years.

So, yes, in the short term, we might be able to avoid learning how to engineer the planet’s climate (though it might be at great cost). But we won’t be able to keep our hands clean permanently.

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