Rambling about digital privacy

The EFF has a great guide on protecting your privacy. One of the things they go over is Threat Modeling. A lot of people are thinking about the NSA lately, but frankly the NSA doing NSA things can get into your phone if they really want to.

I made a quick list of the sorts of things you might feel digitally threatened by:

  • Mossad doing Mossad things (a large government actor)
  • Leaving your phone in a car and someone taking it (theft)
  • The local police trying to tap your phone to catch you selling drugs (small government actors)
  • A rival corporation wants your secrets (corp)
  • Stalkers and paparazzi (individuals)
  • A corporation building a database about you so they can sell you dog food (corporation)

There’s an almost infinite list of hypothetical people who want to get into your phone and see the pictures of the chocolate cake you ate for lunch #skipday. How do we narrow it down? Well, it seems to boil down to a few things.

  1. Is it a government that has legal options (wiretaps, search warrants) for looking into your data?
  2. Is it one person or a corporation/organization, aka, how much money do they have?
  3. Are they spying on you specifically or are they just casting a wide net?

Between those 3 options, you can pretty much identify every actor that might want to look at you.

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