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In some video games, the player has an inventory – a set of virtual items that he/she possesses in the game world. Just like in the real world, virtual space is often limited, and we’re forced to discard and sort. Some of us are naturally inclined to clean, to discard things until we feel organized […]

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Antibiotics are running out. We hear it (quietly) in the news frequently. As antibacterial drugs are used everywhere, superbugs evolve with a frightening resistance to even our newest pharmaceuticals. Stories warn of a future in which even knee surgeries become operations with tremendous risk of death. Someday, they warn, we may miss the decades in […]

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2014-03-18 :: Chris // Chris + Product Design
A car for your mind

During the planning stages of a presentation, does your computer function as a “bicycle for your mind,” amplifying your own capabilities and ideas? Or is it more like a “car for your mind” with prepackaged formulas that make your ideas soft? Your mind benefits when you use the computer like a bike, but it loses […]

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JSDoc 3 is opaque about how it chooses to document classes. This isn’t exactly surprising, since I would throw up my hands at the myriad number of ways a class can be declared in JavaScript. Here’s how you get a class to be autodocumented. JSDoc automatically documents classes that are in the global namespace: However, […]

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