Hello all,

So, our blog got so popular that all of a sudden, we got a lot of comments!

One on every post, to be exact.

All of them were very intellectual. In fact, they all quoted people who are known and proven to be intellectuals.

These intellectual quotes also had another thing in common: they all linked to online poker.

So yes, we’ve got spam. And I promise you, as one of the moderators of this blog: If you are a spammer, we will find you, we will hunt you down, and we will kill you.


Here are some early pictures of project zero. I can’t run this in an emulator so I can’t put up actual screenshots. Look for a beta… eventually. On the top of the screen is the variable width number font, which I just finished when I took the picture. It’ll be used for score and speed maybe.

Well you really can’t blame me, I mean my screen name even has Gas in it.

Visual Studio 2005 beta still won’t install. That’s pissing me off. So now I’m installing studio 2003. It’s probably good that I’m using 2003, since 2003 is in the lab, but I won’t be able to use generics, since that’s only in .net framework 2.0.

Switching quickly off the technical topic so I dont look like a nerd… It is indeed friday. That means I have more time for programming. Oh crap, I was trying not to look like a nerd. Oh well…


Homework Score: doesn’t matter, it’s friday!