I’m completely absorbed with this Lockheed Martin pen I got yesterday at the career fair. It has green red and blue LEDs and some fiber optics, so it shifts between colors in a completely hypnotizing fashion. I’ve seen three different Lockheed Martin pens now, and each one has been crazily hypnotic. I’m wondering if this is part of Lockheed Martin’s plan to take over the world through the use of nifty pens. I’d post a picture but I’m still completely absorbed with the pen.


Homework Score: -2

To anyone who noticed we were suspended (That’s probably… just Chris and I) we were suspended due to media wiki putting files in our /tmp directory. I’m not sure why that was a problem, since I assumed we’re on a vhost, which I always thought was insulated from everyone else, but at least this means they are keeping an eye on everyone to make sure we have good uptime. So I’m simultaneously mildly annoyed and mildly assured of uptime.

I hear star wars being played in the next room. I guess the DVD is out.


Homework score: -2

In the begining was a blog. The blog was wordpress, and wordpress was good. For anyone just tuning in, this is the Blog of Justice. What is this blog for? I dont have a clue, but it appears that Chris and I will be posting in this blog. I don’t think i’m actually allowed to say anything interesting on the first post, so I guess it ends here.